Attempts To Illegally Enter Britain TRIPLE In One Year

The number of failed attempts by illegally migrants to enter Britain via European ports and the channel tunnel more that tripled in the past twelve months, Home Office figures have revealed. The numbers rose sharply from 4,000 a month in

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British Woman Jailed In France For Smuggling Calais Migrant

(AFP) – A French court on Wednesday sent a 41-year-old British woman to jail for attempting to sneak a young Syrian migrant into Britain. The woman was handed a one-year sentence, with nine months of the term suspended, for hiding

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26 Police Injured In Clashes With Migrants At Calais

Tensions at the Calais migrant camp in northern France are heating up once again after 16 police officers were injured in a single night as migrants tried to cross into Britain. Around 200 migrants threw objects at police and tried

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