Cannes Film Festival Panicked By ‘ISIS Militia’ PR Stunt

A group of men dressed in black ski masks, bulletproof vests, and combat uniforms stormed a French hotel frequented by Hollywood heavyweights and journalists attending the 69th annual Cannes Film Festival, spurring local law enforcement into action and scaring star-studded guests.

Cannes Stunt

Cannes: 3D Porn Film ‘Love’ Sparks Brawl

The Grand Palais theater on the French Riviera was the scene of a brawl Wednesday night as hundreds of eager moviegoers jockeyed to get into the Cannes premiere of Argentine filmmaker Gaspar Noe’s latest project, the 3D arthouse porn film Love.


Security Pumped Up at Cannes Film Festival After Charlie Hebdo Shootings

“When Cannes rolls out the red carpet May 13, it will also be on red alert,” quips the Hollywood Reporter. Security will be greatly heightened at the legendary film festival, not due to any specific threat, but because of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, and what the Reporter confusingly describes as “a subsequent series of several smaller attacks against religious targets.”

REUTERS/Eric Gaillard