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Top Cardinal: Church Has ‘No Mandate’ to Pronounce on Global Warming

The Vatican’s financial chief appeared to criticise Pope Francis’s eco-encyclical Laudato Si after saying the Church has no God-given mandate to pronounce of scientific matters . In an interview with the Financial Times, Cardinal George Pell, who has been leading

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Vatican Cardinal: China Needs a ‘Constantine’ to Become a Christian Nation

ROME, Italy– With his usual candor, Australian Cardinal George Pell, the Vatican’s financial czar, spoke Thursday of the future of Christianity in the United States, Europe, and China–noting that Christianity is already spreading like wildfire in China just as it did “in the old pagan Roman Empire” two thousand years ago.

George Pell

Vatican Signs Important Tax Treaty with Italy

Italian and Vatican authorities have signed an agreement on taxation entailing “full cooperation” and “transparency,” including financial activities operated by entities that have accounts at the Vatican Bank.

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