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Catholic Diocese Chooses Classical Curriculum Over Common Core

“After much consideration, the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Marquette will not adapt or adopt the Common Core State Standards which were developed for the public school system,” announced Bishop John Doerfler in a statement.

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Catholic Schools Join Protest Against Common Core

The plummeting popularity of the Common Core standards has extended to Catholic schools in the United States—about half of which were signed onto the nationalized standards by their bishops despite a push back from many Catholic educators and theologians.


Gay Teacher Files Federal Discrimination Lawsuit Against Catholic School

Flint Dollar, who is represented by attorney Charles E. Cox, Jr., says he signed a contract with the school on May 1, 2014 and announced to school officials he would be marrying his gay partner the following October without any objection from them, reports The Telegraph. He was fired three weeks later.

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Georgetown To Honor Pro-Abortion Commencement Speakers

Georgetown University, the oldest Catholic and Jesuit institute of higher learning in the United States, will honor advocates of abortion during its commencement ceremonies this coming weekend.


Wyoming College Rejects $1 Million in Federal Aid to Keep Catholic Identity

Wyoming Catholic College has rejected $1 million in federal student aid programs to keep its Catholic identity, rejecting strings tied to the funding regarding birth control, same-sex marriage, and gender issues–requirements that are not in keeping with the teachings of the Catholic Church.


Catholic Group Urges Schools to Stop Honoring Corporations Seeking Homosexual ‘Marriage Rights’

In response to an amicus brief submitted by 379 corporations and businesses encouraging the U.S. Supreme Court to declare homosexual “marriage rights,” the Cardinal Newman Society is urging Catholic schools, colleges and universities to refrain from providing honors, speaking platforms, or positions on boards and committees to the leaders and board members of these corporations.

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