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Chinese Airlines Cut Flights to Hong Kong

Chinese airlines are dramatically reducing, or even completely halting, flights to Hong Kong due to civil unrest on the island. Hong Kong’s airport, which has been the scene of a few demonstrations over the past five months, was once the busiest hub in Asia and one of the busiest airports in the world.

Hong Kong curbs airport links as protesters vow 'stress test'

China Bullies Spanish Retailer Zara Because Hong Kong Stores Didn’t Open Fast Enough on Strike Day

Chinese “netizens” are staging another one of those boycotts and social media swarms that just happen to coincide with the political objectives of the Chinese Communist Party, this time targeting Spanish fashion retailer Zara because it allegedly supported the Hong Kong protest movement by keeping its stores closed on Monday when the protesters called for a strike.

A woman walks past an outlet of the fashion chain Zara in Hong Kong, 29 November 2004. Retail sales in Hong Kong, a barometer of the health of the economy, grew 8.7 percent by value in September, boosted by car sales and tourist spending, the government said in early November. …

Hong Kong Protesters Plan ‘Airport Traffic Stress Test’

Hong Kong protest organizers on Thursday sarcastically invited supporters to schedule a “weekend getaway” at the international airport and give the facility a “stress test” on Sunday and Monday by blocking off the roads and overloading the railway system.

Police gather at a rally against a controversial extradition law proposal in Hong Kong on early June 10, 2019. - Hong Kong witnessed its largest street protest in at least 15 years on June 9 as crowds massed against plans to allow extraditions to China, a proposal that has sparked …