Second Federal Court Grants Discovery in Clinton Email Case

Last month we reported to you that U.S. District Court Judge Emmet G. Sullivan granted our motion for discovery into whether the State Department and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deliberately thwarted the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for six years.

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Hillary Clinton’s Top Aide Was Victim of Hack Attempt

Hillary Clinton’s top State Department aide Cheryl Mills was the victim of a hack attempt while using private email. Mills briefed Clinton on the situation. Mills, who routinely exchanged sensitive emails with Clinton, was looped in on an email sent by State Department official Anne-Marie Slaughter to Clinton on June 3, 2011, according to newly released documents.


‘Clinton Cash’ Returns: Bill Pushed For Fat Paydays From Ugly Dictatorships

The other Clinton scandal is back in the news, courtesy of a report from ABC, which picked up some State Department emails that “shed light on Bill Clinton’s lucrative speaking engagements and show he and the Clinton Foundation tried to get approval for invitations related to two of the most repressive countries in the world – North Korea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.”

Democratic presidential candidate Clinton addresses union members as she tours the Carpenters International Training Center in Las Vegas

State Dept. Says BlackBerries Issued to Clinton Aides Were Probably ‘Destroyed or Excessed’

The State Department believes Mills and Abedin were issued phones, but they haven’t found them lying around the office anywhere, so let’s just run through what the standard procedures would have been to satisfy the judge. For good measure, our almighty mega-government does not believe it ever gave a secure BlackBerry to Secretary Clinton herself… which is funny, because she ostentatiously had herself photographed using one.


Hillary Clinton Aides Conducted Government Business on Personal Email

The State Department just admitted it doesn’t actually have control over all the email Abedin and Mills generated as State Department employees. Not only because they had accounts on Hillary Clinton’s infamous homebrew server, but because they were also using “personal email accounts located on commercial servers at times for government business.”


Court Action in Hillary Clinton Email Scandal

Judicial Watch has been remarkably successful in finally breaking open the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Now, the American people may finally get answers directly from Mrs. Clinton about her email gamesmanship – under penalty of perjury.


The Hillary Clinton Administration

We are just over a month into the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign, and she has already reached Peak Hillary: corruption, obfuscation, and stonewalling.