L.A., San Francisco Battle for George Lucas Museum

The Board of George Lucas’s proposed “Museum of Narrative Art” delayed its final site selection approval in what is now a hot and heavy competition between San Francisco’s Treasure Island and Los Angeles’ Exposition Park.

Darth Vaders (John D. McHugh / AFP / Getty)

$200 L.A. Rams Parking Fuels Interest in Public Transit

Astronomically high parking prices outside the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for patrons headed to Los Angeles Rams games could be just the thing the city needs to combat congestion and encourage fans to use trains and buses, public transportation activists say.

Los Angeles Rams transport (Jeff Gross / Getty)

The Roman Colosseum Gets a $7.2 Million Facelift

The Colosseum has recently completed a multimillion dollar restoration, leaving Rome’s most iconic structure gleaming white and more imposing than ever under the Italian sun.

A general view shows the ancient Colosseum on June 28, 2016 in Rome. Diego della Valle, Ceo of luxury shoe brand Tod's, announced on July 1st, 2016 the end of the restoration of the façade of the Colosseum funded by his company. / AFP / ALBERTO PIZZOLI (Photo credit should …

Two Californian Women Arrested in Rome for Carving Initials in the Coliseum

Two young tourists from California reportedly used a coin to engrave their initials into a brick wall inside the first floor of Rome’s Coliseum and then proceeded to snap a selfie with a cell phone. Not long after, the two were apprehended by security and taken to the police station.

colosseum afp