NYT Misinforms Readers By Blaming Second Intifada On Sharon

TEL AVIV – In its obituary for former prime minister Shimon Peres, The New York Times decided to rewrite the history of the Second Intifada, blaming then-opposition leader Ariel Sharon for kicking of the wave of terrorist attacks by alighting Temple Mount.

Israeli Prime Minister-elect Ariel Sharon places his hand on the Western Wall, Judaism's holiest site, in the Old City of Jerusalem 07 February 2001. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was fighting for life 05 January 2006, after suffering a massive brain haemorrhage, throwing Israel into turmoil barely three months before a …

IDF Readies Itself For Multi-Front War

TEL AVIV – The IDF Transport Center, the body in charge of deploying tanks, armored personnel carriers, ammunition, gas, water and food to military units around the country, is gearing up for a multi-front conflict in Israel’s north and south.

hezbollah response

Poll: Most Jewish Israelis Trust Trump on Israel, but Prefer Clinton

TEL AVIV – An overwhelming majority of Jewish Israelis – 71.5% – do not believe that Israel’s control of the West Bank is an “occupation,” while 40% of them think Hillary Clinton will make a better president for Israel compared with 31% in favor of Donald Trump, according to a new poll conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute.