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Cosmo: Global Warming Causing Shark Attacks!

Cosmopolitan Magazine warns that 2016 will be a big year for shark attacks around the world and global warming is to blame. In a Cosmo essay shared with Esquire Magazine, Sarah Rense writes that last year saw “a record number


‘Cosmo’ Praises Incest

In an article celebrating the incestuous relationship of a brother and sister who met for the first time as adults, Cosmopolitan magazine defies “the last taboo” and argues that, by virtue of shared genetics, a brother and sister coupling creates a “perfect storm” that others might be missing out on.


Cosmopolitan Embraces Life As a Prostitute

As part of its weekly series called “Sex Work,” Cosmo profiles women who have careers in the sex industry. Recently, the magazine’s website featured an article narrated by a woman who works as a prostitute in a legal brothel in Nevada.


NY Times: Pope Francis Is ‘Cruel’ to Offer Absolution to Aborting Women

In a novel response to Pope Francis’ decision to allow all Catholic priests to absolve women from the sin of abortion during the upcoming Jubilee Year of Mercy, a writer in New York Times accuses Pope Francis of “cruelty,” saying his offer of mercy is evidence of condescension toward women.

Pope Francis

What’s Really Inside Cosmopolitan Magazine

If you’ve ever spent time at a convenience or grocery store, you glanced at one of the checkout line staples: Cosmopolitan magazine. With its brightly colored covers splashed with phrases like “The Craziest Sex Tips We’ve Ever Tried” or “How to Make Him Feel More Pleasure,” and its photos of beautiful models, actresses, and teen idols, it is hard not to notice. Cosmo describes itself as a “magazine by women for women.”


Cosmo: Everytown Relegated to Imploring Students to Defeat NRA

On April 1, Cosmopolitan magazine examined the current NRA-backed push for campus carry in “12 state legislatures” and showed that Everytown for Gun Safety has been relegated to imploring students to defeat the NRA or else.

campus carry