Police: East Carolina University Student Arrested After Allegedly Posting Fake Racist Frat Party Invite ‘No Blacks’

A 19-year-old black student at East Carolina University (ECU) in Greenville, North Carolina, was arrested after allegedly posting a fake racist fraternity party invite, which read, “No blacks.” The arrest comes after another student was accused of posting the invite — an accusation the student said resulted in him receiving death threats.

The Yik Yak app, lower, left, is seen on an iPhone in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015. Internet users of the Yik Yak social media gossip app popular among college students aren't nearly as anonymous as they believe: Missouri police within hours arrested a student accused of threatening violence, the …

eBay Critics Targeted by Old School Silicon Valley Intimidation

Recently Breitbart News reported that six eBay employees were named in federal charges for intimidating critics of the company with a cyberbullying terror campaign, now a recent article from the New York Times outlines how many Silicon Valley companies have been using similar intimidation tactics for years.

eBay bloody pig mask

Feds: 6 eBay Executives and Employees Engaged in Cyberstalking Terror Campaign Against Company Critics

Six former eBay executives and employees are currently facing federal charges for allegedly cyberstalking a couple that was critical of the company in an online e-commerce newsletter. The eBay team’s campaign of terror included sending a bloody mask, live cockroaches, and a funeral wreath to their targets, after a senior executive at the company allegedly said it was time to “take down” the editors. One text message said the team’s goal was to “crush this lady.”

eBay bloody pig mask