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600 Men Show Up to Mentor Boys at Texas School

About 600 men showed up for a “Breakfast with Dad” event at a Texas middle school when officials put out a call for assistance. The school officials wanted to make sure they had enough male mentors for the boys who signed up for the program.

Breakfast with Dads

Dallas Schools to ‘Opt Out’ of Own Tests

The Dallas Independent School District plans to opt-out of some of its student assessments. Though it sounds good on first read and even speaks to the opt-out of standardized test-taking movement, in actuality, no mandated state testing is going away. The schools in the second largest district in Texas will dump roughly a third of their own self-imposed testing.

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More Texas Teachers Charged on Sexual Misconduct with Students

The number of Texas teachers charged with sexual misconduct continues to escalate even while school is out for summer vacation. June brought more allegations of educators engaging in this disturbing behavior that violates the trust placed in them to protect the state’s school children.

Sex Palace, Red Light District

More Texas School Districts Seek to Erase Confederate History

More Texas school districts seek to erase their Confederate history by rebranding campuses with politically correct names. This reality, sparked by the 2015 tragic, fatal shootings of nine black church parishioners in South Carolina, has only been exacerbated by images that surfaced of the shooter with the Confederate flag.


A Look at the Hideous Terror Threat Sent to Schools Across Texas

The Dallas Independent School District released the electronic mail threat received by staff on two of its campuses, revealing the hideous terror threat sent to schools across Texas this week, including the state’s largest school district in Houston. It was similar to the ones received by the Los Angeles Unified School District and New York schools.


‘Someone’s Trying to Scare Dallas’ Says Mayor After School Threats Deemed Non-Credible

Mayor Mike Rawlings said “Someone’s trying to scare Dallas,” following the Dallas Independent School District receipt of a terroristic threat last night. The threat was similar to the ones received by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and New York schools earlier this week. Determined to be “non-credible,” the second largest school district in Texas will remain open today.