Ukraine Doubts Russian Soldiers, Separatists Withdrawal of Weapons

The pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine announced on their website they are withdrawing their military equipment from Debaltseve, Gorlovka, Donetsk, and Telman. Despite the declaration, Kiev has indicated officials believe these alleged withdrawals are a way to mask advancements in other cities.


EU Admits Russian Forces are in East Ukraine as Ceasefire Crumbles

Russian soldiers and pro-Russian separatists continue to shell in strategically important Debaltseve, Ukraine, despite an official ceasefire between Ukraine and Russia set to begin at midnight on February 15. In response, the European Union (EU) passed new sanctions and admitted Russia sent forces to east Ukraine.

AP/Sergei Chuzavkov

More Death, Destruction in Ukraine on Day Before Peace Talks

Russian soldiers and Russian-backed rebels in Ukraine assaulted Kramatorsk and surrounded Debaltseve on the eve of peace talks in Minsk, Belarus. The attack left twelve people dead and wounded thirty-one. Children are included among the wounded.


Ukraine Separatists Use Russian Drones to Attack Ukrainian Army

Intense fighting continues in east Ukraine as Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, the US commander of US forces in Europe, claims Russia provided drones to the pro-Russian separatists in east Ukraine. These drones are obstructing Ukraine’s communications with troops on the ground.