UK Regulators Urged to Investigate Apple-Google Duopoly

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has been asked to investigate allegations that Google and Apple, which together control over 99 percent of the global market in smartphone operating systems, secretly colluded to stifle smartphone search engine competitors.

Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Chrome, speaks at Google's annual developer confer

Lawsuit Claims Google, Facebook Agreed to Team Up to Fight Antitrust Action

According to a recent lawsuit filed by ten state attorneys general, tech giants Facebook and Google agreed to “cooperate and assist one another” if they faced an investigation into their deal to work together in the online advertising market. Google and Facebook have turned the online advertising business into a duopoly that Amazon has only begun to work its way into. Internal documents included in a draft of the lawsuit use terms from the Star Wars films to describe the deal struck between the Masters of the Universe, including the term “Jedi Blue.”

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 10: Facebook co-founder, Chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies

Apple And Google Under Fire for App Store Duopoly

The smartphone market has become a duopoly. Two companies, Apple and Google, have captured almost 99 percent of the global market for smartphone operating systems. Almost every new smartphone made today will either feature Google’s Android operating system, or Apple’s iOS.

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