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Surprise! IRS Finally Reveals Lois Lerner’s Secret Email Account

The government’s boasts of transparency and accountability stand revealed as toxic illusions. There is nothing “transparent” about answering pertinent questions years later. No one is held accountable at all, even though a strong case can be made that the politicized IRS tipped the 2012 election. Rest assured, that case would be made very loudly if this was the tale of a Republican president’s re-election campaign intimidating minority and environmentalist groups by slow-walking their tax-exempt applications.


FBI ‘Optimistic’ About Recovering Data From Hillary Clinton’s Server

It wouldn’t take much recovered data to take this story to a whole new level. Service logs could easily demonstrate further violations of classified and Top Secret protocol by users who were not cleared to see such information. Anything that proves Hillary Clinton omitted documents from her submission to the State Department, or deleted vital documents along with her yoga workout routines and cookie recipes, would be as much of a game-changer as the discovery of Top Secret material on her server was.


Mainstream Media Desperately Tries to Spin FBI Investigation of Hillary Email Server

It’s hilarious to watch the mainstream media tiptoe around the story of the FBI investigating Hillary Clinton’s illicit email server. After the Clinton machine went nuts on the New York Times over its choice of words in the story of inspectors general making referrals to the Justice Department, many in the MSM are terrified of using a phrase like “FBI investigation” that might rattle the Clintonworld beehive.

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New Hillary Emails: Media, Congress Fed Her Questions

It’s so much easier to deal with “spontaneous” and “hard-hitting” media interviews when you know what the questions will be in advance! At least NBC was asking questions instead of inviting Clinton to write the questions herself, as was the case with Senator Barbara Mikulski, who covered Clinton’s ring with a dollop of the usual slobber – “You are missed in the Senate and by me. But you are needed where you are.”

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Orange County Councilman in Trouble for Email Objecting to Gay Marriage

Newport Beach City Councilman Scott Peotter is the target of criticism after releasing an e-mail message attacking the gay rights movement and the White House for twisting the Biblical interpretation of the rainbow. The White House was illuminated in rainbow colors after the June 26 Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage.

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White House: ‘No Reason To Contradict’ Hillary On Email Law

“I don’t have any reason to contradict what Secretary Clinton has said,” Earnest replied, before relying on his usual set of talking points on the e-mail controversy. Earnest called Clinton’s request to the State Department to make the emails she turned over to the agency public an “extraordinary step” in transparency.

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Clinton Lied About Subpoenas In CNN Interview

Perhaps you’ve heard of little things called the Freedom of Information Act and Federal Records Acts? Apparently Hillary Clinton hasn’t. She’s also evidently suffered a convenient attack of amnesia concerning the Obama Administration’s policies about the proper treatment of official correspondence – which is funny, because she was running the show when one of her employees got in hot water for doing the exact same thing.


Cyber Security Fail: Saluting Hillary Clinton for Not Trusting the Big Gov’t She Worships

Just for a moment, let us indulge McLaughlin and Clift and suppose Hillary Clinton, contrary to all available evidence and testimony, really did set up a private server because she thought the State Department system she was required to use was dangerously vulnerable. What does that tell us about Big Government and its high priestess? The Democrats who saddled us with a gigantic burden of taxes, deficit spending, and regulations don’t trust the multi-trillion-dollar government they’ve built.


Hillary Clinton Received Now-Classified Info On Her Private Server

It must be stressed repeatedly – as the mainstream media will be extremely reluctant to do – that absolutely none of this information was provided voluntarily by Hillary Clinton or the Obama Administration. Every last drop of it was cudgeled out of them with Freedom of Information Act lawsuits and congressional investigations, over a span of years.


Reminder To Media: Helping Hillary Is Not Your Job

Here’s the thing, reporters: it’s your job to remind Americans that Hillary’s under a thick cloud of scandal, and may end up under indictment, for running the off-the-books email server she was plugged into with that BlackBerry. It’s your job to remind American voters, over and over again, that Clinton jeopardized national security and deliberately violated transparency laws by doing this.

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Russian Hackers Penetrated the White House Computer System

CNN is reporting late Tuesday the stunning admission by the Obama White House that its system was penetrated by the same Russian hackers who got into the State Department. Given the strength of the White House’s security system, Hillary Clinton’s homebrew server would have been child’s play for this crew to raid.


Confirmed: Hillary Clinton Lied About Not Wanting To Carry Two Email Devices

All of us, including – no, especially – Democrat voters, need to think long and hard about whether we’re ready to wave aside all legal restraints on the aristocracy, in favor of trial by political combat. Making polls the only courtroom aristocrats ever need to face is a dumb idea, but it’s especially dumb when their favorite crimes involve concealing their activities and misleading the public.

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