Dick Morris: Hillary ‘Could Be Indicted and Knocked Out of Presidential Race’

Monday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum,” while discussing the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton email controversy, former Clinton political adviser Dick Morris pointed out  it is illegal to have classified information on a computer system in your residence, of which a server would be part.

Morris pointed to the Clinton era case of CIA director John Deutch, who was investigated for his laptop computers’ containing classified materials as he explained, “The governor of Florida does not have access to classified information. There is a little bit wrong… it  violates a regulations to take your computer home, but if there is classified information, and you’ve got to assume with a secretary of state there is legions of it, that then is illegal and it’s a serious illegal. Petraeus, Sandy Berger,  former national security advisor , John Deutch, head of the CIA all have been prosecuted and convicted of that and they have been punished, and it is very possible, if there is classified email on the server, that Hillary used in her home, that she could be indicted and knocked out of the presidential race.”

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