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A barbed wire is seen in front of a European Union flag at an immigration reception centre in Bicske

The EU Is Dead: It Just Refuses to Lie Down

Anyone who has ever witnessed the terminal struggles of insects in a killing bottle will recognise the nature of the paroxysms contorting the EU “leaders” today. The Greek pantomime is beyond parody. It is a shadow-boxing contest between two factions of the

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Tough Love: EU Tells Greece To Reform Before More Talks Possible

Euro zone leaders told near-bankrupt Greece at an emergency summit on Sunday that it must restore trust by enacting key reforms before they will open talks on a new financial rescue to keep it in the European currency area. Leftist

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Busted Flush Greece A Perfect Metaphor For the EU’s Own Dismal Future

So, farewell then Greece. The land of early retirement, lavish state pensions, tax evasion, official corruption and perpetual socialist indulgence – all of it underwritten by other people’s money – has become the first western country to default on an IMF loan. Incredibly