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Conservatism Can No Longer Cohabit With Nihilistic Neoliberalism

It was the iconic love-match marriage of the 1980s. Ronald Reagan was best man and Margaret Thatcher matron of honour when conservatism embraced neo-liberalism at the start of a relationship that seemed destined to conquer the hearts of the developed

Former US President Ronald Reagan (L) shakes hands

Freedom Of Speech: The Key Battleground Of The Next Decade

The madness grows exponentially. Daily now, the totalitarian prescriptions of the enforcers of political correctness reach new heights of absurdity. The latest victim is the veteran golf commentator Peter Alliss, denounced by the Twitter rabble for “sexist” comments. His crime was to say

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The EU Is Dead: It Just Refuses to Lie Down

Anyone who has ever witnessed the terminal struggles of insects in a killing bottle will recognise the nature of the paroxysms contorting the EU “leaders” today. The Greek pantomime is beyond parody. It is a shadow-boxing contest between two factions of the

A barbed wire is seen in front of a European Union flag at an immigration reception centre in Bicske

The EU: A Wounded Beast Whose Time Has Passed

The beast is wounded – probably mortally – but it will take an inordinately long time to die and in its prolonged death throes it will devastate whole nations’ economies, living standards and dignity. Circle the date ‘5 July 2015’ in your

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Gerald Warner: The Confederate Flag Proclaims a Historical Heritage

The night they hauled old Dixie down…? In your dreams, Barack. And that goes for you too, Bill and Hillary, and all the other Beltway “liberal” control freaks. The American left is in a feeding frenzy, cynically exploiting the tragic murders of

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Forget Tactical Voting: The Strategic Vote Is UKIP

“Eve of poll” is one of the holy days in the liturgical calendar of the political class. It is a red-letter day for politicians, exhausted after weeks of cack-handed lying, evasions and insincere drivel. It signals to them that within


The Sea Change Begins: The Legacy Parties Have Lost the Plot

With little more than 40 days to go until the general election, a dramatic change is already discernible in politics. Obviously, since no vote has yet taken place, it is not an actual shift in the balance of power. Nor


‘Public Service’: the First Refuge of the Scoundrel

Urgent shortages of sick bags are reported nationally in public response to Dave’s latest effusion of hypocrisy. Addressing the patently absurd hypothesis that he might fail to sweep to victory at the general election, Dave asserted his determination to remain


Rotherham: The Crack in the Dam that Could Drown the Legacy Parties

Imagine the following scenario. Ed Miliband visits a town somewhere in England for the purpose of cutting a ribbon to open a parliamentary Labour candidate’s office, then to speak to local people. A group of 40 protesters gathers outside the