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London Mayor: Greece Should Tell Germany to ‘Get Stuffed’

Mayor of London Boris Johnson has described the German proposals for a deal with Greece as “tyrannical”, and has advised the Greek people to “rediscover the spirit of Marathon” and exit the euro. Eurozone leaders argued long into the night

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Euro Madness: Greece Is the Word For Impending Financial Doom

Greece is facing a June ‘cash crunch’ in the latest development in its ongoing fiscal crisis. The country will be unable to find the €1.6bn (£1.1bn) sum it is due to hand the International Monetary Fund (IMF) next month, one

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Greece Warns Brussels: ‘Stop Bullying Us or We’ll Let ISIS In’

In a veiled threat to the EU and its financial institutions, Greece has warned that any foreign meddling in its domestic affairs makes the likelihood of ISIS infiltration into Europe more likely. Speaking to the Times, defence minister Panos Kammenos warned

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Le Pen Pledges EU Referendum For France

National Front leader Marine Le Pen has pledged to offer the country a vote on continued membership of the European Union if she is elected President in 2017. The MEP, who is currently leading at 33 per cent of the


Reuters: Euro Zone — Do or Die in 2015?

(Reuters) With concerns over the Euro Zone economy shifting from peripheral to core member states in 2014, can the ECB rescue prospects for a better 2015 with a hotly-awaited programme of QE? David Pollard reports. Follow Breitbart London on Twitter