Filmmaker Releases DVD Defending Accuracy of Exodus Story

The filmmaker claims to have uncovered evidence challenging decades of archaeological studies regarding the Israelites’ descent into Egypt and eventual slavery, their flight out of Egypt, and the conquest of the Promised Land of Canaan.

A picture taken on April 27, 2015 shows Egyptian hieroglyphs inside the tomb of Iymery, also known as the priest of king Khufu, during the reopening of the site following renovations, at the great Giza Pyramids, south of the capital Cairo. The cemeteries have been closed since 2007 due to …

Charlie Hebdo Massacre Triggers Spike in Jewish Exodus from France

A significant exodus of Jews from France is underway. It began long before the Charlie Hebdo massacre and the killing of innocent Jews at a kosher grocery store, but those events may well inspire further relocation. Scott Ott at PJ Media compiled the emigration figures into a graph, and its rocket-like ascent after 2012 is impossible to miss.


Analyst: Faith-Based Crowd ‘Burned’ By ‘Noah’ Tanked ‘Exodus’

Did Darren Aronofsky’s anti-God “Noah” scare faith-based moviegoers away from giving Ridley Scott’s $185 million “Exodus: Gods and Kings” a chance at box office success? According to Deadline, one box office expert thinks so, “I think Noah poisoned the well,