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Ferguson Effect

‘Ferguson Effect is Real,’ Police Survey Finds

An issue that has become known as the “Ferguson effect” is causing police officers to hesitate and question their judgment in situations where the use of force would be proper. The phenomenon occurred following the justified 2014 police shooting of a black man in Ferguson, Missouri, and the protests and riots afterwards. A new police survey from the Pew Research Center confirms what many media outlets have been reporting–the “Ferguson effect” is real.

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FBI Director James ‘Rule of Law’ Comey Could Sway 2016 Election

FBI Director James Comey is one of the most intriguing figures in Washington today: a key official who evidently gives little thought to White House narratives before speaking his mind. Comey has always insisted his agency will handle the Hillary Clinton email case in a tough and fair manner, famously asserting that his people “don’t give a rip about politics.” He has expressed a particular dedication for taking the protection of classified material seriously.

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USC Caves to Protests; $200k for ‘Diversity’

On Monday, school officials at the University of Southern California yielded to pressure from students and announced they would begin taking steps to implement more “diversity” programs on campus.

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Ferguson Effect: ‘Million Student March’ Hits USC

Students at the University of Southern California gathered in solidarity with “Mizzou,” Yale and a slew of other campuses throughout the United States in a demonstration calling itself the “Million Student March” on Thursday to protest against alleged gentrification, racism and white privilege on campus grounds.

USC Millions Student March (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)

Ferguson Effect: UC to Join ‘Million Student March’

The student demonstrations that have thrown the University of Missouri and other campuses around the nation into chaos will sweep across California on Thursday as part of a national effort called the “Million Student March.”

Million Student March CSULB (Facebook)

Ferguson Effect: USC Passes ‘Diversity’ Resolution

The University of Southern California student senate passed a controversial “diversity” resolution Tuesday evening–the latest example of the “Ferguson effect” that is seizing campuses around the nation.

USC Diversity Vote 2 (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)

The Ferguson Effect and the Self-Destruction of the Academy

In 1967, University of California president Clark Kerr was fired by the Board of Regents for being too lenient in dealing with student protests. On Monday, Tim Wolfe of the University of Missouri resigned because he had not been lenient enough.

University of Missouri (Michael B. Thomas / Getty)

The Ferguson Effect: USC to Vote on ‘Diversity’ Resolution

The “Ferguson effect” appears to be spreading from the University of Missouri to other campuses. On Tuesday, USC’s student body will vote on a controversial campus resolution urging $100 million be spent on mandatory diversity classes to create an “inclusion climate” on campus.

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L.A. County Sheriff Blames Prop 47 for Crime Spike

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell says much of the blame for the rise in crime in California can be directly attributed to the passage of Proposition 47.

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