Ferguson Protests

Journalists Sue Ferguson Police for Arrests During Protests

Four journalists arrested during last summer’s Ferguson protests over the shooting death of Michael Brown filed a federal lawsuit Monday against St. Louis County police and 20 of its officers, accusing them of violating the reporters’ civil rights and unjustifiably detaining them.

David Carson/AP

Dartmouth College Offers #BlackLivesMatter Class

Dartmouth College’s geography and African and African-American studies programs are offering a new course during the spring term titled “10 Weeks, 10 Professors: #BlackLivesMatter.”

Black Lives Matter

BlackLivesMatter Protests White People Eating Brunch

BlackLivesMatter protesters are trying a new protest tactic. They are going to restaurants filled with mostly white people that have nothing to do with police or any case of brutality and disrupting everyone’s brunch.

Black Lives Matter

Occupy Gets Recycled and So Does Its Anger

Occupy may be gone, but it is clearly not forgotten. The people protesting Eric Garner’s death in New York City were marching to a slightly different drum beat in 2011, but they seem to have returned, having learned something from their previous mistakes.

AP Photo/John Minchillo

Ferguson Protesters Damage MO Store

KSDK reported that a Sunday protest at the St. Louis Galleria in Richmond Heights, MO resulted in damage to the inside of a store after two protesters over the grand jury decision in Ferguson ignored police orders to disperse and damaged


Peaceful Ferguson Protester Charged With Arson

One of Ferguson’s highest profile protesters, Joshua Williams, who claimed to advocate for peace, was charged with arson Saturday for setting fire to a Berkeley convenience store.


Citizen Uses Drone to Monitor ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protest in L.A.

Saturday’s protest at Pan Pacific Park in Los Angeles was briefly monitored by a drone which was brought to the #MillionsMarchLA event by a concerned private citizen who gave his name as Pierre. “I just wanted to be able to capture everything from the sky’s perspective,” Pierre told Breitbart News.

Drone at 'Black Lives Matter' protest in Los Angeles (Adelle Nazarian / Breitbart News)