Liberal George Lucas Wisecracks ‘I Will Only Make Films Blindly Uncritical of America’

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart spent a portion of Thursday night’s The Daily Show bashing Fox News, which in and of itself is not newsworthy. However, this time the soon-to-be retired host enlisted the help of director George Lucas.

Stewart criticized Fox’s Megyn Kelly for asking mainstream media outlets to acknowledge the network’s accurate coverage of last year’s incidents in Ferguson, MO, which refused to adopt the MSM narrative that officer Darren Wilson’s killing of 18-yar-old Michael Brown was racially motivated.

Those narratives were of course disproven in November, when a Missouri grand jury decided not to indict Wilson. “Eyewitness statements must always be challenged and compared with the physical evidence,” said County prosecutor Robert McCulloch at the time.

Still, Stewart claimed that Fox has built its reputation on rushing to judgment, and mocked the network’s penchant for allowing guests to tell both sides of a story. He further asserted that Fox’s accuracy was “newsworthy,” only because of its rarity.

He then aired a clip of Star Wars director George Lucas, who promised to please the network by only producing films that are “blindly uncritical” of America.

“I’m George Lucas and I’m here to assure you that I’m only going to make movies from now on that are blindly uncritical of America,” he said

Lucas then proposed the production of films such as: American “Exceptionalism” Graffiti, Star Wars: “The Reagan Missile Defense Version,” The Empire Strikes Back, “Justifiably” and Star Wars: The “Clinton” Menace.

After patting himself on the back for the Lucas sketch, Stewart ended the segment by comparing Fox news, which has been on the air since 1996, to an 18-year-old male: “You have a massive ego and spend 24 hours a day j–king yourself off,” he said.

Lucas, who has made billions of dollars from the Star Wars franchise, previously said that he believes in democracy, but “not capitalist democracy.”

Watch the segment above.


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