Former Secretary of State John Kerry

John Kerry on NYT Op-Ed: ‘This Is a Genuine Constitutional Crisis’

Wednesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” former Secretary of State John Kerry said The New York Times op-ed critical of President Donald Trump and attributed to a senior White House official meant the United States had entered into “a genuine constitutional crisis.” Kerry said,

U.S. Senator John Kerry (D-MA) listens to opening statements from fellow Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation members on Capitol Hill February 28, 2006 in Washington, DC. The committe held a hearing about the United Arab Emirates-based company Dubai Ports World's take over of the managment of several terminals …

John Kerry: Trump Playing Into Putin’s Narrative In ‘Very Dangerous Ways’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” former Secretary of State John Kerry said President Donald Trump has “played into” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s anti-America “narrative in very, very dangerous ways” in an appearance from the Aspen Ideas Festival. On Trump’s upcoming meeting with

John Kerry

Trump: John Kerry Not the Best Negotiator or Bicycle Racer

Friday in Dallas during his remarks at the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Annual Leadership Forum, President Donald Trump poked fun at former Secretary of State John Kerry for breaking his leg in a bike accident in France, in 2015. Trump said,

Donald Trump