Census Bureau: Mens’ Wages Remain Below 1973 Levels

Americans’ median pay packets have been flat since 1973, even though the vastly expanded federal government has justified its own salaries and its many massive spending and policy programs as a sure-fire way to boost education, productivity, and wages.

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Harvard Business Review: American Families Face Increasing Financial Instability

A report from the Harvard Business Review suggests that there is increasing trend of financial vulnerability for lower and middle class American households. According to the report, households experienced an average of five months per years in which household income increased or decreased by more or less than 25 percent.

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Donald Trump Discloses 104 Page Personal Financial Report

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump filed his Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD) forms on Monday with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). This is the real estate mogul’s second annual filing, according to his campaign press release.


Trump: Obama ‘Has Done a Terrible Job For African-Americans’

On Sunday, with Martin Luther King Day right around the corner, George Stephanopoulos of ABC News asked Donald Trump what he would say to Americans, especially African-Americans, who believe Dr. King’s dream has not been achieved.

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The Minimum Wage Is a Tax Increase

The realistic response to minimum-wage increases involves some combination of making do with less labor – cutting hours, firing people – or passing the cost increase along to consumers. Rarely do we find such a clear-cut example of the latter as the hefty price increase at Chipotle restaurants in San Francisco. As the Chicago Tribune reported, the company was quite direct about raising its prices to cover the cost of local minimum-wage hikes, above and beyond the general price increase imposed on numerous markets to account for the rising cost of food supplies, particularly beef.