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Palestinian Official: ‘Murdering Israeli Women Is Our Right’

TEL AVIV — At a memorial honoring Palestinian terrorist Muhamm​ad Halabi, 19, who killed two men in Jerusalem on October 3, an official from the ruling Palestinian Fatah party said he “salutes the soul of [the] martyr who detonated the


70 Years After Auschwitz, Anti-Semitism Remains More Prevalent Than Ever

Tuesday marks the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi Auschwitz death camp in southern Poland. The Nazis who ran the execution site were responsible for the slaughter of over one million people within a five-year timespan, with the vast majority of them being Jews. In Auschwitz alone, from 1940-1945, the Nazis killed roughly six-hundred people per day, twenty-five per hour, one every 144 seconds.