Jang Song-thaek

Report: North Korea Executes Army Chief of Staff for ‘Corruption’

The South Korean news agency Yonhap is reporting that North Korea has executed the nation’s army chief of General Staff, reportedly on charges of corruption. This disruption in Pyongyang’s leadership follows a string of belligerent acts on the part of the communist regime, most recently the use of a long-range rocket to launch an alleged satellite into orbit.


Former South Korean Spy Chief: Kim Jong-Il Attempted to Keep Son Out of Power

The former head of South Korea’s intelligence agency, Ra Jong-yil, claims to have evidence that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il did not plan to leave his son, Kim Jong-un, in charge of the country, but a combination of infighting between an appointed committee and the younger Kim’s efforts to cement his hold on power resulted in his rise to leadership.