Jim Gilmore

Jim Gilmore Absent From At Least 14 GOP State Primary Ballots

GOP presidential candidate former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore is still in the race for the Republican nomination – despite his zero percent support in the polls – but he has missed at least 14 state filing deadlines, which means his name won’t be on the ballot in those states when people go to vote.

Republican presidential candidate, former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore waves as he arrives to speak at the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum in Washington, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015.

Republican Rivals Respond to Trump’s Putin Comments

Trump said nice things about Putin, after Putin said nice things about Trump, and all the people who thought it was ridiculous to portray Russia as America’s geopolitical adversary during Obama’s re-election campaign are beside themselves. Several of Trump’s Republican rivals thought his comments about Putin went far beyond diplomatic efforts to constructively build a positive relationship with the Russian strongman, especially since Trump not only failed to mention Putin’s repressive ways, but actively disputed the allegations against him.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to the crowd at town hall meeting Saturday, December 12, 2015 in Aiken, South Carolina. The South Carolina Republican primary is scheduled for February 20, 2016. (Photo by

George Pataki, Jim Gilmore, Miss State Primary Ballot Deadlines

GOP presidential candidates former New York Gov. George Pataki and former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore have missed more state primary ballot deadlines, which means their names won’t be on the ballot when people go to cast their vote for the Republican Party nominee in those states.

AP Photo/Jim Cole