John Campbell

NYT: U.S. Forces in Afghanistan Carrying Out Ops Beyond Train & Assist Role

American troops in Afghanistan raided the home of a local anti-Taliban commander and proceeded to blow up a munition cache inside his home, an action that shows U.S. forces are carrying out combat missions beyond their stated train, advise, and assist role, reports The New York Times (NYT).


Army Cutting Size to Less Than 450,000 Soldiers After 2017

The Pentagon plans to cut the “Army’s size to below 450,000 soldiers after 2017.” These cuts come as Russia is flexing its muscles and the Taliban and Al Qaeda are readying to ramp up once the U.S. leaves Afghanistan.  According

Army Cutting Size to Less Than 450,000 Soldiers After 2017

GOP Congressman: Newt More Obnoxious Than Obama

Congressman John Campbell (R-CA) appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show with guest host and BreitbartTV Editor Larry O’Connor. Congressman Campbell told the Hugh Hewitt show that out of all the candidates he has a hard time support Newt Gingrich because

Islamist Attacks Strain Nigeria's North-South Divide

From Reuters: The line dividing Christians from Muslims that runs along a rocky valley in the central Nigerian town of Jos may not be visible to the eye, but it burns in the minds of local people. The mosque lies

DOJ's Poker Shutdown: Holding on to Americans' Money

While the American online poker community is still reeling from the federal government’s recent crackdown on online gambling websites, it’s worth considering the significance of the date of the seizure and indictment: April 15. The indictment was handed down by

House Member Appears to Yell 'Baby Killer' at Stupak

Politico: Reporters in the House chamber said the “baby killer” shout seemed to come from a group of lawmakers that included Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.), but he said it wasn’t him. “I don’t think it’s appropriate at all.”