Senator John McCain Makes Secret Trip to Syria

Senator John McCain (R-AZ), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, made a secret trip to Kurdish territory in Syria last weekend, where he visited American military personnel. He also met with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey on his way home.


The Supposed Suicide Chickens of ISIS

ISIS has had a complicated relationship with poultry. Back in April, they were reportedly snatching boxes of frozen chicken away from starving people and burning them, because the chicken allegedly failed to meet the caliphate’s religious dietary standards. Now the UK Daily Mail reports that ISIS is conscripting chickens into service as suicide bombers.


Armenian Families Refuse to Return to Kobane After Second ISIS Assault

Armenian families who fled Kobane, Syria, do not plan to return home even though the Kurdish army successfully defeated the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL). “There were only eight families left before the ISIL attack [in October 2014],” explained Agop Tomasyon. “All of these families left Kobane after the attack.”

AP Photo/Emrah Gurel

Kurds Plan Thousand-Strong ‘Tent City’ to House Returning Refugees in Kobani

Officials in Kobani, the predominantly Kurdish city in northern Syria, have been forced to construct hundreds of tents for residents whose homes have been completely destroyed in the ongoing civil war in Syria, Firat News reports. Much of the city, which sits on the Turkish border, was completely ravaged in defending against the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group.

AP Photo/Emrah Gurel

Bag of Cocaine Found in Dead ISIS Leader’s House

Islam forbids drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, but rumors have spread for months indicating that members of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) terrorist groups engage in drug use. Those rumors were at least in part confirmed by a discovery this week when VICE journalist Joakim Medin identified cocaine in the house of dead Islamic State leader Emir Abu Zahra just south of Kobane, Syria.

AP Photo via Militant Website

Kurdish Forces Reclaim Majority of Kobane From ISIS

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) attempted to capture Kobane, Syria, in September, but have faced intense backlash. The Kurdish Peshmerga and People’s Protection Unit (YPG) now prepare to completely take back the town from the terrorist group.

AP Photo/Jake Simkin