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ISIS Execute Top Peshmerga Commander in New Propaganda Video

Islamic State flag

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has released a new video showing members of the terrorist group killing a Peshmerga soldier execution-style.

The entire video is in Kurdish, which made analysts believe the video is used to recruit “potential jihadists in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.” Top Kurdish commander Abu Khattab al-Kurdi, who helped defeat ISIS at Kobane, appeared in a yellow jumpsuit. He spoke before he died:

“I am from the town of Bamarni in Duhok province,” the Kurdish soldier said, expressionless and steely in the face of death. “Now I am in the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS),” he added, before going on to attack Kurdish authorities with words and phrases often found in ISIS propaganda.

“Many people have misunderstood the Islamic State,” he added. “Until now, no one has come forth for a hostage exchange. The Islamic State urged the KRG for an exchange but they never answered,” he said.

“You all know what is the punishment of anyone who fights the Islamic State, it is death,” declared a young, unmasked gunman with a pistol before shooting the Kurdish soldier from behind.

This new video arrives only days after ISIS posted a video of terrorists beheading three Peshmerga soldiers. The terrorists executed them in the Nineveh province of Iraq in front of a huge crowd, including children. The men, dressed in orange jumpsuits, stated their names and ranks within the army.

“To the Muslim Kurdish people: know that our war is not with you, rather it is with those who ventured into an alliance with the Safavids and crusaders to wage war on the Muslims,” said one terrorist.

ISIS did not fade away once the beheadings started, which is different than previous videos.

“We warned you before that for every rocket you fire on those under the care of the Islamic State, you will kill one of your prisoners with your own hands,” claimed another ISIS fighter.

Kurdish forces decided to fight back immediately once ISIS expanded their caliphate through Kurdistan. The Peshmerga defeated the terrorist group in Kobane in January after a four-month battle.

“Daesh [the Islamic State] took most of the places it wanted in Syria and Iraq but could not capture Kobane,” said Anwar Muslim, the prime minister of Kobane. “This victory marks the beginning of the end for Daesh.”


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