maersk tigris

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Iran Navy Fires on Another Cargo Ship

CNN reports that five Iranian boats fired at Alpine Eternity, a Singapore cargo ship, in the Persian Gulf. It is the second time Iran has accosted a foreign ship in the gulf in the past month.

CC BY SA Kees Torn/ Flickr

Iran Releases Maersk Tigris Cargo Ship

Rickmers Ship Management announced the Iranian government released the cargo vessel Maersk Tigris on Thursday after they captured the ship on April 28.


Iranian Media Insist Captured Cargo Ship Is American

Iran’s state-run media and sister organizations in allied nations like Russia are reporting the capture of the cargo vessel Maersk Tigris somewhat differently from how the Obama administration has been portraying the incident. The administration described it as flying the Marshall Islands’ flag, not American flags, with no American citizens on board. Iranian media, by contrast, have insisted on referring to the Maersk Tigris as an American ship.