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Hillary Campaign Hosts ‘Women’s Issues’ Fundraiser In West’s Rape Capital

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has held an official, “women’s issues” fundraising event for U.S. expats in Sweden – widely described as the West’s “rape capital“. The campaign dispatched long-standing Hillary advocate Melanne Verveer, a former U.S. State Department official, to host a

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Israel Army Chief Warns Troops: Only Use ‘Necessary’ Force

Israel’s top soldier is warning his troops not to use excessive firepower in combating a wave of Palestinian violence in which many youthful attackers have died in the act. In remarks to high-school seniors heading for compulsory military service, he

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Sweden-Israel Rift Deepens Over Comments On Palestinian Deaths

Relations between Sweden and Israel hit a fresh low on Sunday after Israel said Sweden’s foreign minister had accused it of unlawful killings and Stockholm responded by saying that the comments had been “blown out of reasonable proportion”. Relations between

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‘Appallingly Impudent’: Israel Challenges Sweden Over Paris Attack Comments

Remarks by Sweden’s foreign minister drawing a parallel between the Paris terrorist attacks and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict have been slammed as “appallingly impudent” by Israel. The diplomatic row went public on Monday but stemmed from comments made on Saturday, hours after Friday’s deadly

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Swedish Foreign Minister Apologizes to Saudis for Insulting Islam

Sweden and Saudi Arabia have reportedly restored diplomatic ties when the two nations inked a new arms agreement over the weekend. Estimates state that canceling the arms deal would have had a negative impact of $1.3 billion dollars.