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Russia Pledges to Hold over 4,000 Military Drills in 2019

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu pledged on Tuesday to hold over 4,000 military drills over the course of 2019, as well as around 8,500 practical combat training events as the Putin regime seeks to shore up its military preparation.

KOREAN PENINSULA, SOUTH KOREA - DECEMBER 06: In this handout image provided by South Korean Defense Ministry, U.S. Air Force B-1B bomber (L), South Korea and U.S. fighter jets fly over the Korean Peninsula during the Vigilant air combat exercise (ACE) on December 6, 2017 in Korean Peninsula, South Korea. …

U.S. and South Korea Agree to Suspend Military Drills During Winter Olympics

President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in decided in a phone conversation on Thursday to suspend joint U.S.-South Korean military drills during the 2018 Winter Olympics in a diplomatic overture to North Korea, which constantly complains about such exercises.

South Korea

China Holds Naval Exercises Off Korean Coast While Japan Ponders Chinese, North Korean Threats

Japan’s annual defense report is focused on the threat from North Korea, but it also has a good deal to say about China. Those two Japanese concerns converge in a live-fire exercise held by the Chinese Navy off the Korean coast this week, in which dozens of different types of missiles were tested, air intercepts were simulated, ground assaults were practiced, and submarines prowled the waters.

IN FLIGHT - OCTOBER 26: A B-1B Lancer gears its engines up as it attempts to set multiple international aircraft speed records during the 2003 Edwards Air Force Base Open House and Air Show October 26, 2003 during the 2003 Edwards Air Force Base Open House and Air Show. The …

South Korea Conducts Joint Drill with U.S. B-1B Bombers

South Korean fighter jets are scheduled to train with two American B-1B Lancer supersonic bombers on Tuesday, a demonstration of cooperation and military power at a moment when questions about the new South Korean administration linger and anger at North Korea is mounting over the murder of American college student Otto Warmbier.

In this picture taken on Tuesday, April 7, 2015, and released by the semi-official Fars News Agency, Iranian warship Alborz, foreground, prepares before leaving Iran's waters. Iran dispatched a naval destroyer and another logistic vessel, Wednesday to waters near Yemen as the United States quickened weapons supply to the Saudi-led …

Iran, China Hold Joint Military Drills in Persian Gulf

State sponsor of terror Iran and communist China began holding a joint military exercise in the Persian Gulf this week, where provocative clashes between the U.S. Navy and ships from the Islamic Republic have escalated in recent years.