‘Reclaim MLK Day’ Protests Block SF Bay Bridge

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was hijacked by Black Lives Matter in the Bay Area on Monday as members of the movement blocked traffic on the Bay Bridge in Emeryville, citing recent police shootings as they chained themselves to five cars and formed a line, backing commuters up for nearly 45 minutes.

Black Lives Matter (@brownblaze / Twitter)

Students Wave Palestinian Flag on Bay Bridge During Shutdown

Dozens of self-identifying Stanford students were arrested on Monday night after they shut down the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge in a “#blacklivesmatter” protest against alleged police brutality and oppression. After they closed off the bridge, the protesters pulled out a giant Palestinian flag and draped it across multiple lanes.

Massive protest shuts down parts of the Mall of America on a busy shopping day

#BlackLivesMatter Activists #ShutDownCastro Intersection

Activists carrying the torch for #BlackLivesMatter joined forces with nationwide #ReclaimMLK protests and called for the end of what they referred to as a racial division within the LGBT community, shutting down a major intersection in San Francisco’s Castro District on Saturday evening, arguably the district’s busiest night.

#BlackLivesMatter in the Castro (Courtesy Sarah O'Neal / @sarahadebibe)

BART #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Carry Torch Into Weekend

#BlackLivesMatter protesters caused major traffic jams for commuters in Boston on Thursday by attaching themselves to 1200-lb. barrels on a major freeway and earning themselves the title “#Douchebarrels” on social media. In San Francisco, #BARTFriday protesters who blocked commuters from getting to work the following morning earned themselves the same title while causing a cacophony of irritating noises, using spoons, that immobilized the working masses for a while.

AP Photo/David Goldman