BART #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Carry Torch Into Weekend

AP Photo/David Goldman
AP Photo/David Goldman

#BlackLivesMatter protesters caused major traffic jams for commuters in Boston on Thursday by attaching themselves to 1200-lb. barrels on a major freeway and earning themselves the title “#Douchebarrels” on social media. In San Francisco, #BARTFriday protesters who blocked commuters from getting to work the following morning earned themselves the same title while causing a cacophony of irritating noises, using spoons, that immobilized the working masses for a while.

BART announced on its own Twitter page that 5-15 minute delays were to be expected following the “civil unrest” that had been carried out by the protesters at Montgomery Station. And those spoons that were requested by the organizers of the protests? Essentially, loud noise is a weapon in and of itself:

The protests over grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Missouri and New York, had briefly lost their gusto after being drowned out by global outcry over terrorist attacks by Islamic fundamentalists in Paris last week.

The protests are not over, however. Friday’s protests were just the launch party to kick off 96 hours of civil unrest leading up to Monday’s celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which #BlackLivesMatter protesters are referring to as #ReclaimMLK.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday will still prove challenging for BART commuters:

And it appears this #BARTFriday protest could become a recurring theme:

BART activists also made their way to the Alameda Courthouse to protest the auctioning off of homes belonging to people who have been evicted–also framed as a racial issue:

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