North Carolina bathroom law


Donald Trump’s Support for N.C. Bathroom Law Is Pro-Everybody

The excuse for this preposterous theater is that Trump says the state’s voters have the right to balance their own disputes over bathroom privacy, the two sexes and accommodations for transgender people’s sometimes-indeterminate sexuality.


AG Lynch: NC Bathroom Law Created State-Sponsored Discrimination

Monday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch filed a Department of Justice federal lawsuit against North Carolina over the state’s bathroom law as a violation of federal civil rights laws. Lynch said the legislation is “state-sponsored discrimination against transgender individuals who simply

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NCAA Follows NBA by Demanding LGBT Inclusiveness at Sponsored Events

The NCAA board of governors passed a resolution this week requiring that sites hosting or bidding on its events—from the Men’s and Women’s Final Fours to educational events—demonstrate that gays, lesbians, and transgenders don’t feel discriminated against in their locales.