Peace Treaty

North Korea’s Nuclear Test Derailed Secret Peace Talks with U.S.

The Korean War never actually ended — both North Korea and the United States are in their seventh decade of a temporary armistice — but over the weekend it surfaced that the North Koreans quietly reached out to the U.S. for a permanent peace treaty last fall, only to change their minds and abandon the effort after their illegal nuclear weapons test on January 6.


Yemen Cease Fire Instantly Violated by Saudi Airstrikes, Houthi Shelling

The much-touted seven-day cease fire in Yemen began on Tuesday afternoon and lasted maybe an hour, before there were reports of both Saudi warplanes dropping bombs on Houthi insurgents, and the Houthis shelling a loyalist stronghold. Naturally, each side blames the other for breaking the agreement.

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Israel Welcomes New Egyptian Ambassador

Israel accepted Egypt’s new Ambassador to the holy land, Hazem Khairat, over the weekend. The diplomat, who has prior experience as Egypt’s envoy to the Arab league and Egyptian ambassador to Chile, will be the first Ambassador from Cairo to permanently stay in Tel Aviv since 2012.