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Initiative to Ban Migrants in Schools Raises Economic Concerns

A southern California man intended to challenge the federal law that mandates public schools educate K-12 migrant students, and while local officials nixed his proposed initiative, it raised long-standing economic concerns in the illegal immigration education debate.


Ann Coulter – Key to Trump’s Victory: Math

The reason California can’t elect a Republican statewide isn’t that Hispanics got even madder at Republicans since Proposition 187. It’s that they’re a much larger part of the electorate, thanks to: (1) Reagan’s amnesty; and (2) the ACLU running to a Jimmy Carter-appointed judge to get Proposition 187 overturned.


Ryan Launches New Attack on Trump as He Clinches Nomination

One day prior to Donald Trump formally clinching the GOP nomination, House Speaker Paul Ryan launched a new line of attack against the Party’s standard bearer selected by GOP voters. During a Wednesday meeting with reporters on Capitol Hill, the House

Paul Ryan Attacks Trump AP

Over Half Million Illegal Aliens Get CA Driver’s Licenses in 2015

Over half a million driver’s licenses have been issued to illegal aliens in California since January, according to the California DMV. The licenses were issued under AB 60, the California law that allows all California residents, no matter their immigration status, to obtain driver’s licenses.

Over half a million driver's licenses have been issued to illegal …