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Of Reputations Lost: The New York Times and SEAL Team Six

Over the weekend, the normally stolid New York Times published an almost hysterical screed targeting the operators of the Navy’s SEAL Team Six. The article accused them of a variety of war crimes, including the unprovoked murder of civilians, the summary execution of enemy combatants, the mutilation of corpses and the use of snipers to kill little girls.

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Rep. Ryan Zinke: ‘I’m Not Sure That Iraq Can Sustain Itself as a Unified Nation’

This past weekend, Congressman Ryan Zinke (R-MT) joined Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow for a special Memorial Day edition of Breitbart News Radio. Zinke shared with the listening audience his insights into the fall of the city of Ramadi, Iraq, to the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and the release of information about documents from the Navy SEAL Team Six Osama bin Laden raid.

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Another Tall Tale From Brian Williams? Seal Team Six Claim Disputed

More trouble for NBC’s Brian Williams. In 2012, he told David Letterman: “I flew into Baghdad, invasion plus three days, on a blackout mission at night with elements of SEAL Team Six,” but at that time he was based in, and apparently didn’t leave, Kuwait.


Ex-ISI Chief: Pakistan ‘Likely’ Traded Bin Laden To US For Deal On Afghanistan

Ret. Lieutenant General Asa Durrani, who is also former director general of Pakistan’s Inter-Service’s Intelligence (ISI), says Pakistan “likely” knew where Osama bin Laden was and turned him over to the United States in exchange for a bigger say/better role “in the future of Afghanistan.”