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Silicon Valley Shocked as Oculus VR Founder Backs Pro-Trump Group

In Silicon Valley, it is a worse “crime” for the founder of Oculus VR, Palmer Luckey, to have donated in support of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump than for Facebook to have potentially engaged in fraudulently inflating its average video viewing times for the last two years.

Palmer Luckey Oculus VR (Kevork Djansezian / Getty)

Legal Marijuana Qualifies for California Ballot

Californians will decide in November whether to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, after a measure backed by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Facebook investor Sean Parker gathered enough signatures to qualify for placement on the state ballot this fall.

Thousands of people take part in a march through Cape Town, calling for the South African government to legalise marijuana, on May 7, 2016

Sean Parker Backs Marijuana Legalization in California

Venture capitalist and former Facebook president Sean Parker has thrown his support behind a new ballot measure that seeks to regulate and legalize marijuana for recreational purposes in California this year.

Sean Parker (Paul Sakuma / Associated Press)

Sean Parker Tries Philanthropy to Clean Up His Rep

The irrepressible Sean Parker took to the Wall Street Journal editorial pages to announce that after building a $2.8 billion fortune, mostly from stealing music and selling peoples’ deepest secrets to marketers, he wants to reinvent his public reputation from that of a greedy loud-mouthed hacker to an old money philanthropist.

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Path to the 2016 Presidency Runs Through Silicon Valley Cash

Silicon Valley is trying to catch up with Wall Street in staking a much bigger claim to influencing Washington D.C. Tech’s lobbying effort, which has grown by more than $100 million since 1998 and almost 2,000 percent in the last 25

Hillary Clinton in Silicon Valley (Jose Marcio Sanchez / Associated Press)