Service Employees International Union


Tom Steyer Joins Union Super Pac to Raise Government Spending

Tom Steyer, America’s biggest individual political contributor, just formed a $50 million Super Pac with public employee unions and the AFL-CIO to elect a Democrat President and to build a permanent liberal spending infrastructure.

Cesar Chavez (Jay Galvin / Flickr / Creative Commons)

Janitors Rally for Jerry Brown’s $15 Wage on Cesar Chavez Day

Hundreds of unionized janitors held a peaceful rally, and an apparent strike, at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills on Thursday to support Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed new law to raise the minimum wage to from $10 to $15 by 2023.

Jerry Brown 1974 (Jeff Robbins / Associated Press)

Jerry Brown Surrenders to Unions’ $15 Min. Wage

California Gov. Jerry Brown has surrendered after claiming he would fight a $15 wage that would devastate California’s state budget by adding $4 billion in cost. He now supports the Democrat-controlled legislature’s $15-per-hour minimum wage — which won’t be effective until he is out of office.