Social Security Gun Ban


President Trump Quietly Rolling Back Obama-Era Gun Controls

While rolling back onerous Obama-era environmental and business regulations, President Donald Trump has also been quietly dropping gun controls which were either put in place or at least prolonged by the Obama administration.

When Donald Trump insulted the bereaved parents of a soldier killed in Iraq, he broke a US taboo: that troops, veterans and above all their grieving relatives are beyond reproach

House GOP Now Eyeing Repeal of Gun Ban for Military Veterans

With the Social Security gun ban repealed and the lead ammunition ban revoked, the GOP-led House is now eyeing a repeal of the gun ban for U.S. military veterans. The gun ban for military veterans works in the same way


Report: Trump Signs Repeal of Obama’s Social Security Gun Ban

On a day when legislation benefiting women and black colleges and universities was signed with much pomp and circumstance, President Trump quietly followed through on his pledge to defend the Second Amendment by signing the repeal of Barack Obama’s Social Security gun ban.


GOP Senators Move to Block Obama’s Gun Ban for Veterans

Republican Senators are moving to block an Obama gun ban that will otherwise prevent over a quater of a million military veterans from owning guns. The gun ban for veterans is being handled the same way as Obama’s gun ban

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Catch 22: Vets Fear Loss Of Gun Rights If They Seek Treatment For PTSD

Although numerous combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan need treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) many are increasingly hesitant to pursue treatment because they fear a prognosis of PTSD will be used to deny their gun rights under the Obama administration.