Top VC Mike Moritz Calls American Tech Workers Lazy Compared to Chinese

Top tech venture capitalist Sir Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital caused a stir last week by claiming that American tech workers in Silicon Valley are lazy compared to tech workers in China. Sequoia is one of the oldest and highest performing Silicon Valley start-up

Michael Moritz (Steve Jennings / Getty)

‘Tinder for Voting’ Hacks the Vote at RNC

Hunter Scarborough is talking up his mobile app, Voter, which he describes as “Tinder for politics,” and which allows voters to learn about issues, candidates, and each other.

Scarborough Voter (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

No Slowdown For Start-Ups Ahead of Referendum

British entrepreneurs are on track to start up a record number of businesses this year, ignoring the doom and gloom forecasts from pro-Remain economists in the run up to the EU referendum. 91,618 new businesses have been formed in the

Vote Leave Supporters Campaign In Stonehouse

VC Investors want Business Plan–and Funeral Plan

Venture capital investors love business plans that promise terrific upside, but they increasingly want a “funeral plan” in writing that explains what the entrepreneur can and will do if their start-up suffers from business problems or slow growth.

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