Despite Drug Use and Jihadi Red Flags, Chattanooga Killer Flew Under Police Radar

Questions are being asked about whether Chattanooga killer Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez should have been under surveillance by counterterrorist authorities before he launched his deadly attacks, killing four Marines and a Navy petty officer before he was brought down in a gun battle with police. Were there “red flags” that should have tipped off investigators that Abdulazeez was a potential terrorist threat?

Hamilton County Sheriffs Office via AP

Iran Proves War is Politics By Other Means

Iran wanted something the civilized world judged it unfit to possess – including Barack Obama, up until two years ago – but they got it anyway, and they did so with a combination of actual and threatened violence. Their sponsorship of terrorist activities created those “Middle East tensions” Obama is now accepting congratulations for defusing by appeasing them. They proved they were serious about using violence, including criminal violence, to get what they want. The United States and its allies, under Barack Obama’s “leadership,” is not. Iran won the war without firing a shot.

Secretary of State John Kerry speaks during the final press conference of Iran nuclear talks at Austria International Centre in Vienna, Austria on July 14, 2015. Major powers clinched a historic deal aimed at ensuring Iran does not obtain the nuclear bomb, opening up Tehran's stricken economy and potentially ending …