‘Birth of a Nation’ Poster Features Nate Parker in American Flag Noose

Fox Searchlight released the latest promotional poster for its upcoming slave drama The Birth of a Nation on Friday that features the movie’s main character, slave rebellion leader Nat Turner (as played by Nate Parker), being hung with a noose fashioned from an American flag.


Jay-Z Releases Anti-Police Brutality Anthem ‘Spiritual’

Jay-Z released his first new music in three years late Thursday night with the anti-police brutality anthem “Spiritual,” just after the shooting deaths of five police officers in Dallas, Texas Thursday night and the police-involved shooting deaths of two African-American men earlier in the week.

Charles Krupa/AP

Jay-Z’s Streaming Music Service Flops

Last month, Jay-Z and a handful of some of the biggest names in music teamed up to launch Tidal, a new artist-owned streaming music service that would compete with household names like Pandora and Spotify. The concept seemed promising; a new