Colombia to End FARC Ceasefire on October 31

President Juan Manuel Santos has announced that, as the Colombian people voted “no” on a negotiated amnesty deal with the FARC terrorist group, Bogotá will be forced to end its ceasefire with the group at the end of the month.

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos makes the victory sign after voting in a referendu

Colombia: ‘Peace’ Deal Failed Because FARC Victims Refused to Forget

The Colombian government and leaders of the FARC terrorist organization have returned to negotiations following the narrow defeat of a brokered peace deal that would have allowed most FARC terrorists to return to civilian life without serving prison time and would have seen the group evolve into a Marxist political party.

A man reads a newspaper with the headline that reads in Spanish: "Colombia said No" in Bog

Colombia Inks Deal with FARC to Resettle 7000+ Terrorists into Society

Colombia has agreed on a deal to reintegrate the guerrilla population of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the world’s wealthiest non-jihadist terrorist group, into Colombia’s civilian communities, a move President Juan Manuel Santos claims marks a definitive end to the half-century-long war between the government and the FARC.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, left, and Commander of the Revolutionary Armed For

FARC Terror Leaders March Openly in Cuba’s May Day Parade

The leaders of the world’s wealthiest non-jihadist terrorist organization, the FARC, marched openly alongside thousands forced to carry posters of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in Havana’s Plaza of the Revolution for Marxist International Workers’ Day celebrations Sunday.


FARC Objects to Putting Colombia Peace Deal Up for National Vote

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the world’s wealthiest non-jihadist terror group, is condemning the Colombian government’s proposal to stage a plebiscite in which the Colombian public would approve or reject the peace deal signed by the terrorist organization in Havana in September.

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