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Jeff Sessions to GOP: Time to Unite Behind Trump, Beat Hillary

MIAMI, FL– Influential Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who has emerged as the preeminent thought leader of the conservative nation-state movement, told voters that “now is the time for the GOP” to unite behind Donald Trump’s realignment of the Republican Party, and “embrace this opportunity to win working Americans on a platform of rising wages, American jobs, and the national interest.”


Marco Rubio Slips in Latest Poll

It’s still early in the 2016 Republican presidential primary race, but things are not looking all that good for Sen. Marco Rubio. The most recent Mason-Dixon poll shows that Rubio has dropped 15 percentage points from former Governor Jeb Bush among Florida voters, in comparison to the previous Mason-Dixon poll that had Rubio and Bush virtually tied among the Republican electorate in the Sunshine State.


Does The Failed Trade Deal Signal the End of Obama’s Political Power?

On Friday, President Obama lost a major battle to strengthen his trade authority. Despite his hard campaigning, his party voted against him. Some wonder if this loss signals both the end of Obama’s political power and his ability to push his own party in the direction he desires.

President Obama Visits Lawmakers On Capitol Hill Ahead Of Trade Vote

Paul Ryan Cornered: Claims Obamatrade More Transparent Than Iran Deal Even Though Text Still Hidden In Capitol Basement

House Ways and Means chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) said on Fox News that he believes the Obamatrade process is more transparent than President Barack Obama’s negotiations with Iran—even though the text of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Pacific Rim trade deal that Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) would fast-track is currently being kept in secret in the basement of the U.S. Capitol and press and the public are not allowed to read it.

Paul Ryan - Reuters

WANTED! WikiLeaks To Offer $100,000 Reward For Missing TPP Chapters

In a Tuesday morning statement, WikiLeaks announced that it has launched a campaign to crowd fund a $100,000 reward for the missing chapters of “America’s most wanted secret,” the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Over the past two years, WikiLeaks has only been