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Larry Kudlow: Trump Tax Plan Will Bring ‘Tremendous Movement of Capital and Labor Back to the United States’

You’d see a movement, a tremendous movement, of capital and labor back to the United States, that’s in China and overseas, because we’d have a more hospitable business tax environment. You include immediate deductions for new business investment, and you include repatriation, which is all in Trump’s plan, and you’ve got yourself a powerful incentive to move back to the USA,” said Kudlow.

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Buchanan: Trump Tax Plan ‘Supply-Side Economics on Amphetamines’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “The McLaughlin Group,” conservative commentator Pat Buchanan offered his thoughts on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s recently unveiled tax plan. Buchanan’s fellow panelists Tom Rogan and Eleanor Clift were very skeptical of Trump’s proposal. Buchanan