Buchanan: Trump Tax Plan ‘Supply-Side Economics on Amphetamines’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “The McLaughlin Group,” conservative commentator Pat Buchanan offered his thoughts on Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s recently unveiled tax plan.

Buchanan’s fellow panelists Tom Rogan and Eleanor Clift were very skeptical of Trump’s proposal. Buchanan explained that although the tax plan adhered to the definition of supply-side economics, the fiscal position of the country is in a place where the tax plan isn’t feasible.

“This is supply-side economics on amphetamines,” Buchanan said. “There is going to be a lot of people, and I think Larry Kudlow loves it. And I there is some good ideas but I agree with Tom [Rogan] — there is too much of a hole in the treasury right now.”

Buchanan also touted the idea of putting tariff on some imported goods and giving that money back to small business in the United States.

“His best idea is not included and that is tariffs on manufactured goods coming into the country and use that revenue to cut taxes on small businesses across America.”

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