Milo Dresses as Cop at UC Irvine, While Police Keep Order

IRVINE — University of California Irvine police in riot gear kept attendees and protesters separated at a lecture by Milo Yiannopoulos on his “Dangerous Faggot Tour” Thursday evening. Hundreds of people had lined up outside of the Social Sciences building in

Milo Irvine 1 (Jennifer Lawrence / Breitbart News)

‘Long Live the Intifada’: Mob Disrupts Israeli Film at UC Irvine

Anti-Israel student protesters at the University of California Irvine chanted “Long live the Intifada” as they disrupted a screening of the Israeli film Beneath the Helmet: From High School to the Home Front on Wednesday night. The disruption , forcedcampus police to escort mostly female Jewish students who felt threatened by the protest safely out of the room in which the movie was being shown.

Students for Palestine UC Irvine (Facebook)

‘America Is the Land of Opportunity’: Microaggression on Campus!

Former U.S. Director of Homeland Security and current University of California President Janet Napolitano is reportedly training professors in the UC system how to avoid using alleged microaggresions, which now include such patriotic expressions as “America is the land of opportunity,” “There is only one race, the human race,” and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”


Gunman Turns Himself In at UC Irvine

A man with a gun at UC Irvine who caused a brief lockdown prior to a Tuesday afternoon induction ceremony for the school’s new chancellor, Howard Gillman, called the police and turned himself in after seeing an alert that he was being sought.

UC Irvine (Chris Nugent / UC Irvine)

UC Irvine Flag Meeting Canceled Due to Threats

Threats of violence directed at students forced UC Irvine administrators to cancel a Tuesday night student meeting meant to discuss the transient decision to remove the American flag from the lobby of the student government’s building.

American flag